- Founded in 2012
- Located in Beavercreek OH
- Official 501(c)3 organization
- grassroot level organization          supporting diverse needs
- 2013 first year of fundraising

- All board members are volunteers and are not paid.  Thus allowing all money raised to go out to those in need

- All administrative costs are covered and donated by board members

To be an effective and trustworthy leader known for its charitable endeavors by offering quality services,  programs and aid at a grassroots level.  All the while maintaining its flexibility to react to acute needs as they arise.


The Richardson Foundation strives to:

- be a resource for the general public to get involved  and organize their own charitable events/fundraisers for their specific causes

- support existing organizations and charitable activities to assist them with their specific charitable endeavors

- provide support and/or financial assistance to families in need to include our veterans

- support our community by facilitating and supporting local development projects

- support animals by providing love, shelter and homes for those furry friends in need

- protect our environment and support environmentally friendly causes


Our mission is us help as many as we can in any way we can


The Richardson Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization which was founded by long time residents of Beavercreek who purely out of compassion for others started the organization to give back and support the local communities. 

The Richardson Foundation is a proud member of the


Continued partnerships with Ohio Galaxies Soccer Club, NWC Alliance, Facebook, Kroger, Amazon, Greene County Veterans Services and others to support our local communities.

Supported those struggling with homeless and living in poverty by hosting collection drives and providing clothing and hygiene products

Supported 12 local children in continuing their sport dreams via our GOAL Scholarship Program.  

Launched a new program called Fostering Love which provides support and long-term foster care bags filled with comfort, hygiene and personal items they can carry with them throughout their foster care transitions

Supported children in providing human hair cranial prosthesis for children who have lost their hair to medical conditions or treatments.

Supported our furry friends by partnering with local shelters to support animals requiring surgery or medical attention.

Provided Christmas gifts to families to help make their holidays brighter

Supported families dealing with mental and emotional support by providing support, sharing awareness and resources

To date have raised close to $125,000 to support families in need and our local community


Foundation Overview

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