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Bryston Keating

The Bryston Keating Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Bryston Keating who tragically passed away July 4, 2019.  As a member of the NWC Alliance family, this scholarship was created to carry on Bryston's memory for years to come. 

Bryston, or BK as his friends and teammates affectionately knew him, was the most caring child who loved to play baseball, soccer, and was active in his local 4H club.  Bryston was a fun loving, kind-hearted child who loved his family and friends,  loved helping people and was the ultimate people pleaser who didn't  want to disappoint anyone.  He was a hard worker and loved having "jobs" to do, was inquisitive, smart, and thoughtful.  Bryston was also very competitive, confident, and a great athlete with unlimited energy and a sense of adventure.  He was 100% boy with a lot of spunk, gave a little smirk when he was being ornery or was up to something, he was sneaky, crazy, daring and brave all wrapped up into one package.

This scholarship was established in Bryston's name to assist those members of the NWC Alliance Family who may need financial assistance for the upcoming season.  It is the goal of this scholarship to ensure kids like Bryston get to experience our great soccer community who may not otherwise be able to for financial reasons.  There's nothing more that the Keating Family would want, than knowing that his memory helped give others the opportunity to love the game like he did!

NOTE:  You must be part of the NWC Alliance Soccer Club in order to be eligible for this Scholarship